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Forget defeating beliefs around your past relationship experiences,
You CAN attract love and commitment!
Are you tired of chaotic relationships?  Relationships that leave you feeling unloved, unappreciated, misunderstood and even alone?  Are you exhausted from putting in effort into partners that won't commit, won't reciprocate love and energy,  leaving you feeling depleted and abandoned?  Are you existing in an unsatisfying and disconnected relationship, just going through the motions?

The truth is, it's not an accident you're attracting the same type of partners and repeating the same relationship dysfunctions that eventually leave you feeling as wounded and empty as the last person.  Your relationship experiences imprint not only your psychological body, but they also effect you on a physiological and energetic level, altering your vibration which magnetically attracts your partners.
  • Is your partner not consistently available for you to spend time together, whether they're out of town or workaholics?  Do you feel alone and abandoned because they are unstable, refuse to settle down or involved in other relationships?
  • ​Do you feel different or inferior to those around you and avoid social settings?  
  • Does your partner put you down in front of friends and family, demean or criticize you, leaving you feeling worthless.  Do you feel defeated by their lies and manipulation?
  • ​Are you in a constant state of worry and neediness, continuously needing reassurance or rescuing from your partner?
  • Is your partner cold and aloof, only sporadically available?  Do they do all the talking, unwilling to listen to you or understand your feelings?  Are they uncomfortable with affection?  Are you giving more than you're getting, feeling obsessed to get your needs met, emotionally deprived and feeling unloved?
Let's Change Your Relationships Forever!
If you're ready to commit to yourself... if you believe yourself to be  worthy of the time and financial investment required to change your relationship trajectory, then this program is for you.

Roughly 40% of all marriages will result in a divorce and of the 60% remaining, 6 out of 10 couples are unhappy. In the meantime, marriage rates have declined. Why are the masses struggling to find fulfilling partnerships worthy of commitment? 

If you're tired of hurting, feeling empty, depressed and even hopeless about your relationship cycles... If you're longing to feel understood, loved and valued and you're ready to accept responsibility and take serious action, then let's get to work!
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Get Started In Just 3 Simple Steps
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Schedule a call so we can connect and  make sure that we are a good fit for one another!

Step 2
Next,  fill out the application to Vibe HIGH so I can get  better idea about your particular situation.   

Step 3
And finally, start visualizing the relationship you've always dreamt of...  Intimacy and bliss is just around the corner!
Get Started In Just 3 Simple Steps
Step 1
Add some copy here to explain that the first step is to get on a call together to make sure that they are the perfect fit!
Step 2
Then, add some copy to explain that the next step is to fill out their application to enrol in your coaching program!
Step 3
And finally, add a little copy here to get them fired up to get to work together so they can get incredible results they've always dreamt of!


The latest innovation of psychology is a technique called Emotional Freedom Tapping.  Clinically proven to reduce cortisol by 43% in ONE hour, which means better health &  emotional stability.


A daily energy practice that balances your energies not only supports the physical and emotional body, it clears your energetic field and raises your vibration to attract a healthier individual.  


Optimizing your DNA is critical when you've endured stress from relationships.  You can not only slow down aging but reverse some of the damage caused by tumultuous relationships.  


Dissolving negative beliefs around dating and partnerships is vital when wanting to attract a mate.  Doing so allows the opportunity to believe in what you desire instead of attracting what you don't!


Trauma and stress effect our energy systems which impact our mind, body & magnetism greatly.  A monthly one-hour session systematically addresses origins of dysfunction and harmonizes your energy so you're vibing high!


The are natural compounds proven to activate pathways in the body to reduce oxidative stress, rebuild mitochondria and increase sirtuin proteins.  This means your mind and body will be at their best, attracting those at their best!


The cornerstone of the program neutralizes the emotions tied to events which created your limiting beliefs which ultimately is attracting your partnerships.  Reprograming allows the subconscious to heal so it stops replaying the negative thoughts and emotions that continuously attracts, "that person".


Not only are we made of energy, everything else is as well, including our home!  Using the esoteric knowledge of Feng Shui, we can improve and stabilize aspects of our life, including relationships,  through "cures" and enhancements to manifest partnerships.   


Our mental, physical and energetic bodies have been burdened and assaulted with emotional and chemical toxins which have led to their decline and effects our ability to function well in relationships.  Living clean allows for detoxing so we can feel and act our best with the people we love the most!
Hear What People Are Saying About Helena
"I Love Her!!"
"You can tell Helena loves what she does which makes it so easy to relate to her. I highly recommend her!" - Jolyn Meester
"You'll Enjoy Her Immensely!"
"Helena is thorough, professional and engaging.  I whole heartedly recommend Helena for coaching without hesitation!" - Lori Lamont
"I'm So Grateful!"
"I felt an instant connection with her energy. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with her, it was like talking to a close friend!" - Tracy Allers.

Do you want me to help you finally get the high vibing relationship you want and deserve?



Throughout my life I had success in every aspect of life except romantic relationships.  I was met with one empty, dissatisfying or painful experience after another. Relationships were riddled with unhealthy coping mechanisms like addiction, codependence, avoidance, etc. I attracted partners that continuously left me feeling isolated, alone, abandoned and neglected. These revolving feelings of lack, emptiness and pain left me physically, psychologically and energetically drained and ill.

If my story sounds familiar in any way; if you're attracting partners that wont meet your needs, then I can honestly tell you... there is plenty of hope and solutions!
  • Are you ready to feel fulfilled, appreciated, loved and desired in a relationship?
  • Are you ready to feel energized and passionate about your partnership?
  • If this sounds like you, apply now and let's make sure that this is the right fit for you!
I look around and see so many people going thru the motions in relationships, there’s promiscuity at every corner, so many people going to bed at night feeling unsatisfied, empty, alone, rejected, and unloved in the midst of partnership.  Singles wanting commitment yet attracting emotionally and/or physically unavailable counter parts, partners that have them continuously feeling abandoned, neglected and emotionally or physically deprived. 

 People are escaping from all this pain or surrendering through promiscuity, addictions, depression, codependency, even avoiding intimacy inside of relationships . . . The list goes on and so does the effects of the damage to our emotional, physical and energetic bodies.  

Here's how my transformational relationship program can help you:
  • It uproots unhealthy psychological beliefs of the subconscious so you can attract those you consciously desire!
  • It balances emotions to facilitate the objectivity required in setting healthy boundaries so you can safely and intimately connect with a healthy partner.  
  •  ​It allows you to come from a place of wholeness so you can operate within an interdependent relationship where the connection is based on desire, not neediness, lack or insecurity so the relationship is a source of inspiration and passion!
  • It corrects the dysfunction in your energy systems to bring vitality and sustainable healing which creates a higher vibrational frequency that will magnetically attract others vibrationally aligned.
  • It aids in restoring health to the physical body on a cellular level so you can feel and be your optimal best and therefore attract someone at their best self!
I want to help those that want to help themselves, those ready to get serious and commit to doing the work required to change their relationship trajectory, those who have had enough… enough of the pain, the escaping, the avoidance, the emptiness. 
I want to teach you how to be the best version of yourself so you can attract your equal counterpart living the best version of themselves so you can both VibeHIGH!
We Are At Our Best When The Body, Mind And Spirit Align.
This holistic approach integrates cutting edge science along with 
ancient esoteric practices to align all three bodies for sustainable vitality which 
then attract individuals vibrating at higher frequencies for healthier and fulfilling relationships!
"Helena is a brilliant light who shines her love and abundance to all those around her.  She's the type of person that makes you feel loved and cared for on a soul level and possesses a deep desire to serve others!!"
- Micah Nelson
If Your Questions Aren't Answered Below, Let's Chat About It!
How long is the program?
There are two time options within three programs.  An accelerated three month program and the traditional six month program. 
What is the time commitment?
There are three program options and based on which fits your needs best, will define the time required.  However, in all the programs there is a 30 min routine to incorporate into your daily practice aside from a weekly session, monthly energy session and homework.  
What is the financial investment?
On the call we will discuss your specific needs so we can identify which of the three programs will be the best fit for you and provide the financial investment of that specific program.  
How much homework?
Homework will vary from reading a brief PDF document to watching a 15 min video.  You can perform them at your own pace but it is recommended to stay on track for your highest benefit.  The purpose is to educate you on matters for greatest empowerment and implementation.  Not every will have homework.   
What is energy medicine?
Quantum physics has now proven what we are in fact made of energy.  Spiritual people may refer it to our spirit but the fact is, we are made of multiple energetic body systems.  When these systems are blocked or impaired in any way, it can effect us psychologically and physiologically.  But the reverse is also true.  Those systems can wreak havoc on our energetic body.  What's profound is that we also attract people and situations into our life based on our energetic body.  There are countless energy modalities used today to assist in balancing and restoring our energetic makeup.     
What does my physical body have to do with having an incredible relationship?
If we can agree on two things...
1.  We are ONE being comprised of mind, body and soul.  
2.  Eventually poor functioning in any one of those areas will effect others.  
Science says that people in chronic pain struggle with depression and people with mental illness frequently develop somatic symptoms physically.   We all know high levels of stress is a leading cause in many serious diseases.  Both mental and physical impairment can be "seen" energetically.  If we can reduce inflammation in you body and have it functioning optimally,  then those benefits are passed on to mental and energetic health.  It's another strategy to biohack who we are so we are at our very best attracting other people at their very best!



The best time to plant a tree was 40 years ago. The second best time is today.
Now is the moment you take the next step to attract the partner you deserve and desire!
And one more final reminder, you can't attract someone new by being the old you...
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